Monday, August 6, 2012

The Party Is Oooooverrrrrrrr

Today I am transitioning from SUMMER FULL-TIME FUN mode into RESPONSIBLE SCHOOL COUNSELOR mode.

Or the way I see it, the control and management of this vessel known as MY BODY is being transferred from Little Jenny to Grown-Up Jenn.  Who is at the helm of this body ship says a lot about where it goes and what it transports.

I recognize that this boating symbolism sounds really crazy but it has been a summer of swimming.

To me, "summer" ended yesterday as we drove up to our house after our last summer adventure.  That doesn't mean that I'm through with adventures and it definitely doesn't mean that I'm through having fun.  But, for me, work does start tomorrow. 

Ah shit.... In the never ending symbolism that I just can't seem to get away from even though it makes me sound as schizy as possible------------------------

----------------------------grown-up Jenn has got to wrestle the steering wheel of this boat away from Little Jenny's grubby hands before Jenny turns this tugboat into the size of an ocean liner and rams it into the the muddy, shallow bottom of the Brazos river!!!!!!!

I mean, we've gotten WAAAYYYYY off course here...
The Brazos isn't anywhere close to the deep, calm. tropical waters where we're supposed to be!

(If the topic is anything other than schizotypal water sports......)

Right after my divorce, I dreamed that I was going to take a cruise.  I walked along the dock looking for my ship to board.  I passed three huge vessels called HMS Queen Mary, HMS Victoria, and USS Abraham Lincoln but I didn't think any of those were where I was supposed to be.  Finally, I came upon a large, rickety ship with broken boards and tattered sails.  She was tilted in the water.  But painted on her side was the name MRS Plywood and I knew that was my ship.

My dream, for reals.
Oh My God, what did that say about my marriage????

Anyway...... just to clarify....... the boat in today's lesson symbolism is not the MRS Plywood.  Its the USS My Body.

The USS My Body weighed 218 today.

Rather than focusing on the fact that at the end of last May, it was down to 201 for one day, I'm choosing to focus on the fact that at the beginning of last September, it was up to 244.

I'm too tired and disinterested in feeling angst to go to a place of guilt or remorse or self-hate.
What is, is.   And all I can do is start right here.  Starting in an emotional place of self-loathing doesn't help anyway.  It's like starting a race carrying an 175-pound suitcase.  I'm already starting the race carrying extra weight - I don't need to carry emotional luggage.

See how I so subtly changed the symbolism from boating to the Olympics?  Pretty cool, huh?

I've got lots to think about, and blog about, over the coming weeks.   Like how blogging helps me and how there is a direct correlation between me blogging and me "remembering" who I want to be.  I knew that intellectually but I lived that this summer.

I also need to look at the possibility of going into next summer with a plan --  uhh, like maybe a JOB so I won't get so off course.

I also want to explore the spirituality of weight loss.  I think I specifically want to look more closely at Marianne Williamson's A Course In Weight Loss.  I bought her CD last year but didn't spend much time with it.  She is a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles and has written books, using those principals, for weight loss.  Here are some of the quotes off her Facebook page:

"The only way to break from your subconscious belief that eating is the source of your comfort is by building on your faith that God is the source of your comfort."

"By seeing that you are a child of God-by recognizing
the unwavering love and mercy He extends to you every
moment of the day - you begin to realign your attitudes
toward yourself with His attitudes toward you.
You no longer need to model anyone's neglect of you;
you need only model God's love for you

"Once you've aligned yourself with the lightness of your true being, the dense, heavy energies of addiction and compulsion will fall away of their own dead weight. No longer backed by the emotional force of your unprocessed issues, they will have no life force at all."

I like what she says and how she says it.  And my gut is telling to me learn more about it.

And finally, while switching back to Facebook to copy Marianne's quotes in the process of posting this, I checked my Facebook page and found a comment from a friend that I want to look at more closely.  Here it is:

Karen PetersenI think your job is just right for you. It is a job and a lifestyle. So fun to have the summer off, even though it seems to so by faster every year that I live.

 My job is just right for me because it's a job and a lifestyle.  Karen, help me with this more!  If my job is a lifestyle, I'm assuming it's a healthy one.  So, when I'm not working............

I really want to look at this.  Most stuff Karen says to me comes straight out of God's heart into Karen's mouth into my ears.  You know how you have people like that in your life?  I think this is profound.

And, as usual, I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT!!!!!

So.........  I'm baaaaccckkkk!

And I've miss you.


  1. Love it Jenn. I also am struggling with the weight loss thing. I had been doing so well down 12 lbs. and under 200. The last few fews had been an emotional roller coster for me and what did I do this weekend? I turned to my greatest source of comfort which should be God but is food. I have just got to put the Lord in place of the food. HE is truely my strength and comfort not the food. Keep the blogg coming and look forward to seeing you in Oct. Hopefully a few lbs smaller.

  2. Aw Jenny, Jenn, Jennifer - You look closer at yourself and know yourself better than anyone else I have known! I have complete faith that you will be successful in your weight loss and your life because of this. And the way you look at life is so honest and refreshing to hear. And are a very funny person!! Sometimes reading your blog makes my day! You should write a book one of these days! I would buy it!

  3. There is a place for grown up Jen and little Jenny...I guess the trick is to find the right balance. They are both equally important because they ARE you. I love them both <3

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