Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6,445 Steps

It's 3:30 on Wednesday. 

I don't want to give up.

I only walked half a mile on the track this morning.  Every step I take hurts the ball of my left foot.  I'm whiny. 

I DO NOT want to go to Zumba tonight for various reasons:
1.  For the time I'm there, it makes me sweaty and hot and out of breath - all the things I don't like.
2.  It hurts.
3.  I suck at it.
4.  Barb is out of town so I'll have to go by myself. 

But I'll do it anyway.

Afterwards, I'll feel tired, sore...........  but proud.

In my book, pride trumps tiredness and soreness any day.

I can do anything for one hour.
I can do anything for 98 days.

Grown-up Jenn who is holding down the internal fort today.

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