Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11/12, Part 2

Today is done and I'm...............  eh, OK.

Water - done.

Food Plan - followed fairly good.  
Judy and I spent three hours at her surgeon's office, most of that waiting.  We didn't leave there until 3pm - STARVING.  We went to Sweet Tomato where I again was aware of the difference between a serving and a Jenny helping. 

I piled my plate with salad - everything OK except for too much fat free dressing.  I also ate a cup of veggie soup that I believe was real low calorie.  And a square of cornbread.

Eating at 3:30, I should have let that be my lunch and supper.  But tonight, I ate a junior cheeseburger from Sonic - 380 calories. 

Coulda been worse. 

Deezer, you asked why I eat out so much.  Lots of people ask why I eat out so much.  I hate to cook and I'm a HORRIBLE cook.  And I'm lazy.  And I like to be out.  I do eat out way too much but it's part of my social life, I guess.

Exercise - I was going to walk around the block.  Didn't get it done.  Now, I'm in my jammies waiting for Sons of Anarchy to start and boring myself to death blogging about mundane calories. 

For something so boring, they sure have a lot of impact on my life.



  1. Fat-free = bad. Burger = good. Next time ditch the bun, and eat several burgers, with bacon, and whatever veggies you can get. Lettuce, tomato, pickles, good. Mayo, ok. Ketchup...mmm, well it has too much sugar, but okay for a while. Mustard is better. Forget calories. Did you know you can stick an entire package of bacon inside a casserole dish and bake it??? Once I learned that I decided to bake it several times a week. What's the catch?? You have to say no to grains, or at least, wheat and gluten-containing foods, for 30 days. Yes, I do feel like an infomercial, but I lost 34 pounds in 4 months. I know you can do better.

  2. Kristie, The paleo intrigues me but I'm scared of it. I'm scared that I wouldn't be able to handle no beans, no corn, and no potatoes. I googled and read a Paleo Do's and Don'ts.
    What I COULD handle would be no refined sugar (except ketchup? - oh, hell.... I could give up ketchup), no dairy, and no bread (and it would be really easy for me to give up all bread except Subway....) Shit.
    Do you think I could do a Jenny-modified Paleo diet?
    Otherwise, I'd just be setting myself up.