Monday, September 24, 2012

Blogging From The Bathtub

I've had a successful day with my 100-day commitments.

So successful, I may actually be stuck in this bathtub.

I'm glad I have my phone in case I need to call the fire department to get me out.   Ohhh, I said that as a joke but I really shouldn't joke about things that are in the realm of possibility.

It would be so very mortifying to be unable to get out of this tub.  I would rather go down the drain.

Here's today:

I wore my pedometer and walked around the track twice when I first got to school.   Then after school, I walked over to Jen's house.  At that point, my pedometer said I had walked 11,099 steps!    (My goal was 10,000).

I drank a juice pitcher full of water while at work.  And then some!

Barb and I went to Zumba for the first time. I couldn't do the routines.  I couldn't get my feet and my arms to move in any sort of coordinated fashion.  I couldn't twist my left knee, or bend it, because of my fall weekend before last so I ended up just shuffling along to the music. (By the end, about all I could do was shuffle because my feet were strangely stuck to the floor.)   But I did have fun.  My favorite part was the butt shaking.

 Even though its like my hips are playing freeze tag and are frozen into the position of an old woman.
Afterwards, I walked across the street to Subway to meet Tyler for dinner.  I had to wait about 15 minutes for him.   When he walked in the door and I stood up to meet him and go order, it was like my legs had quit.  At first I couldn't get them to move at all, then I was able to hobble across the room.

So, the minute I got home, I got into this bathtub of hot water.   Without thinking about the fact that I would have to get out.

If I look especially wrinkly tomorrow, people will know.

But before I got into the bathtub, I checked my pedometer again and it said that, with Zumba, I had walked 15,846 steps.  Over 6 miles!

I'm very pleased but I don't want to do my usual exercise thing of overdo/do nothing.    I want to walk another 10,000 steps tomorrow.

Very slowly.



  1. Jenn!! I'm so chuffed for you!! Go girl!! :-) Although I am very active and love a lot of sport Zumba totally scares me because of the whole coordination aspect - I would be exactly like you, but not able to write about it as humorously.

    I think the target of 10,000 a day, or 70,000 a week is GREAT, and you should just set up a chart at home and deduct off it - and then if you go over say, for every 5000 steps allow yourself some 'treat' credit :-) BUT IN PROPORTION... So, if you took 1 mile as 100 calories, then you'd be able to work out how many treat credits you get..

    Just and idea!