Monday, October 1, 2012

An Argument With My Knee

My knee is angry. 

Yes, I know it's weird to draw a face on your knee.  But I had to give visual expression to how she is acting.


Has your knee ever been a bitch?  With every step I take, she complains and complains and complains.  

I can't walk 10,000 steps today.
I can't go to Zumba.

It just hurts so bad to walk. 

I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow.  He's the only one I know that has ever been able to give my knee an attitude adjustment. 

The doctor hasn't.
The orthopedist hasn't.
The physical therapist hasn't. 

My knee obviously doesn't like any of them.  But she seems to like the chiropractor. 

Probably because he lets her play with that vibrating thingy.


Today, she wins.   Yesterday, I forced her to walk 7,000 steps.  That was all I could get out of her.  With each one of those steps, I had to listen to her scream. 

So tiresome. 

And she paid me back by basically refusing to move at all last night when I needed to get up to go to the bathroom. 

So today, she can rest. 

Because tomorrow there is going to be a come-to-Jesus-meetin' between her and the chiropractor.  And she's going to have NO CHOICE but to change her attitude!

The Martyred Mother Of A Badly Misbehaving Knee


  1. You need some oooooyyyyyyyal on that knee.

  2. Joint supplements help mine. Though, mine are hurting right now from the fight scene from the play. So, I've been using the heating pad at night once or twice.