Sunday, October 28, 2012

Desperation Or Open-Minded?? Doesn't Really Matter.

I'm trying something that seems like it must be a gimmick to me because it's just too durn easy. 

I'm taking Green Coffee Bean extract 30 minutes before I eat, with a glass of water. 

Before you roll your eyes,  remember that it can't hurt anything. 

And Dr. Oz recommended it.  He doesn't usually recommend any quick and easy "cure all". 

And besides, I am very suggestible.  Even the placebo effect will work on me.

So, what I need from you is a rousing chorus of

Oh Jenny!  We're so glad you're taking Green Coffee Bean extract.  You will lose about three pounds a week as long as you're taking it.   You will find that you're not hungry, you have more energy, you're in a great mood, it's easy to wake up in the morning, your wrinkles are not as noticeable, your hair is thicker, and there is more money in your bank account. 

Keep telling me.  Keep telling me.  Keep telling me.



  1. and you will be taller, and your will have more friends, and you will be giggly and have an undeniable desire to scrap tile off of random wooden floors.

  2. And if it DOES work - be sure to let us know so I can start taking some, too!