Friday, October 19, 2012

What Does One Blog About When One's Brain Is Blogless?

Blogging about my dad last week left my brain blogless.

Truly.  There is not even a tiny shred of real blog material in my head.

Blog material feels like something I really need to talk about, analyze, re-experience, learn.

It feels like words that rush from my head to my fingers and fight to see who can get out first. 

This describes blogging perfectly:

In comparison, Facebook statuses are random, inconsequential things that I want to say - not necessarily talk about.  Can you see the difference?

Today, my head is just full of little Facebook statuses, not blog material.

Here they are:

I'm going to a Lap-Band Information and Orientation Seminar at Lovelace Hospital in Albuquerque next week.  Lap-bands appear to be a topic that everybody has an opinion about -- except me.   I just want to explore the possibility.  That doesn't mean I'm going to get one.   That doesn't mean I'm not going to get one either.  

Last year while I was busy saying "ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!" through my blog, my friend, Kara, was quietly losing all the weight I wanted to lose.  She lost over 40 pounds and is now weighs exactly what I want to weigh.  I'm so impressed with her.  She didn't really try to lose weight.  She just started eating differently and walking her dog. 

My friend, Barb, has stuck to a vegan diet all week.    Even with us going to a workshop and eating out twice on Wednesday.  She has lost FIVE POUNDS this week!  Again, I'm impressed.

I have anxiety about the next two days.  Nina has come to spend the weekend and she is in a BAD mood.   That doesn't bode well.

This morning, I weighed 215.  I've kind of been stuck here this week.  I've not made any huge mistakes but I haven't made huge headway either. 

I'm coasting. 

I probably should start pumping. 

Nina angry > Me bad mood > Coasting = Set Up For A Screw Up. 

And the fact that I'm blogless makes it even worse, I fear. 


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