Sunday, November 4, 2012


Is it sacrilegious to misuse an Advent calendar? I've been wanting to decorate for Christmas ever since we got Halloween over with.   I even broke down and brought two boxes of decorations in from the shed.  For a couple of days, I has them spread all over both the kitchen and dining room tables and finally talked myself into at least putting them back into the boxes yesterday.   That is, everything except for this new Advent calendar.   This calendar was given to me by Freecycle and it's never been used.   And it's wonderful!  It's a wooden Christmas tree about a foot high.  The stand that the tree is on has 24 little drawers and each drawer contains a tiny wooden ornament.  Of course, children are supposed to be entertained by counting the last 24 days before Christmas morning.  However, I've made up a new use for the Advent calendar.   At the end of today, my first successful day on Weight Watchers, I opened the little drawer labeled "1" and hung an itty bitty rocking horse on my wooden Advent tree.   I figure if letting the child in me open a toy and hang it on a tree motivates me to stay "on program", it's definitely worth a little sacrilege.   24 days of success in Weight Watchers would do so much good to my tummy - and even more good to my self-esteem.
Plus, I get to decorate for the holidays!

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  1. that's a great idea - i think u should hang something up for every scale, or non scale victory you have! :-) down a dress size, can walk a certain distance without stopping, down 2 pounds, 5 pounds, etc... Its definatley worthwhile setting up some rewards. :) book yourself a manicure, a hairdo, or some other zero point treat for when you are at a certain number of 'tree rewards' :-)