Friday, November 30, 2012

From One Old Bag To Another

I've spend the last hour sitting next to my Christmas tree, reading through our Family Christmas Book about Christmases past.  Good memories.  Bittersweet memories.

In the book, I found one of the most amazing Christmas traditions I have ever known about.  I really think a magazine or newspaper article should be written about this. 

But I'll settle for a blog read by 85 people.

This envelope came to me in December, 1992.  It had obviously been used previously.

In it, was this Christmas card.

My mom, Irene, first sent it to her friend Marion............... 1949.

Marion and momma sent the card back and forth, Christmas after Christmas, until 1990 - the last Christmas that my mother was alive.

I sent it back to Marion in 1991, after my momma's death.

The card's last journey was from Marion to me in 1992.  Marion included a note saying that the Christmas card started in my mom's hands and it should end in mine. 

The card is a testament to a friendship that spanned a lifetime. 

And continues to bring joy.


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