Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Eve!

I'm very excited and happy because this morning, I weighed 210.  Yeah, I know that's 210 for the second time in the past year but it's good to see it again. 

I really wish I could never see above it again. 

But here it is --- the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Tonight, I'm going to dinner with friends.  Tomorrow, with a car trunk full of groceries (already!), I'll travel to Donna's cabin in the woods for Thanksgiving.  I'll spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Nina, Elisa, Donna, and hopefully Tyler and Dee.  Then Saturday night, I'll come home.

Here's my commitment.  I'm putting it in writing.  Now, we know that obviously doesn't mean a whole lot to me (or else I'd weigh about 109 now and have exercised every day for the past six years) but - you never know.  I may not be real good at keeping commitments but
you make it a little bit more real.

That's why writing affirmations works.  We create the neuro-pathways in our brain to make our thoughts our reality.

Hah!  That's me pretending that I know what the fuck I'm talking about!

But I do know that there is a strong correlation, in my life, between how I perceive my life and how my life really is. 

I think I'm lucky.
I think I'm blessed.
I think I always land on my feet.
I think I have a happy life.

And I do.  

So, it must follow that I think I will lose weight over Thanksgiving week.

And I will.

Won't I? 

I can if I choose to.

Here is my official plan for Tuesday, November 20, 2012 through Tuesday, November 27, 2012:

Next Tuesday morning, I plan to weigh 209.  
Or less.

This is how I plan to get there:
1.  As best I can, count my WW points over the Thanksgiving holiday.
2.  Wear my pedometer.  On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - strive for 10,000 steps.  Oh, SURELY, I can do that for FIVE FRIGGING DAYS!!!!!!!!!
3.  Donna's cabin is down a fairly short, flat dirt road.  There is one other cabin on the road.  There are no people watching.....

I DARE me to run down that road and back at least twice a day.

Take the dare, Jenny, take the dare!  I know your momma taught you that you didn't have to take any dares but TAKE THE DAMN DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.  Our Thanksgiving menu will be:
  • Turkey
  • Donna's stuffing
  • My skinny stuffing made with reduced calorie bread and baked in muffin tins for easy portion control (unless I eat all twelve).
  • Green beans that I haven't figured out how I want to cook.
  • Baked sweet potatoes (eaten with no butter)
  • Teriyaki-cilantro sweet potatoes
  • Mashed potatoes (for others, not me)
  • Homemade sugar-free cranberry sauce
  • Vegetable salad
  • Elisa's pies (that I will stay away from)
  • Elisa's yeast rolls (that I will stay away from)
  • Low-fat, low-sugar pumpkin pie (using the recipe Patti gave me)
5.  The day after Thanksgiving, we will go to the hot springs in Pagosa.   There the fat will melt off like butter.  Snort!  I wish!  But it will be fun and relaxing.  We'll probably go out for Mexican food while in Pagosa.  I will have a bowl of beans and salsa.

Did you hear that, Jenny??  I WILL HAVE A BOWL OF BEANS AND SALSA!!!!!  I'm trying to dig into that neuro-pathway and have little Jenny (who's sound asleep right now somewhere in my belly) HEAR that.  
And remember. 

And we're going to play games.
And maybe I will exercise using Donna's wii. 

My one concern:  wine.
I am going to drink it.  It is empty calories.  But I'm still going to drink it.  I'll just have to plan for those calories with my WW points. 

I hope that YOU eat exactly what you want on Thanksgiving Day.  Not what you impulsively in-the-moment want, but what you really want.  For yourself.  For long-term. 

I'm thankful for you.
 (me and Tammy the Turkey)


  1. I double dog dare you to run up and down the road twice a day!!! And I'll be so impressed and jealous that you actually did it!

  2. You know what - you're skinnier looking in that photo than I've ever seen you before - and 210 is a great starting point. You've got to remembner that you used to be 250 - and you've shed 40 pounds and kept most of it off - doing it slowly means its more likely to become a life changing habit, rather than a quick fix.

    Now - good luck for the weekend.

    Obviously we don't celebrate thanksgiving here, but I'm off for a weekend in a fancy hotel and need to write down that i will not pig out all weekend!

  3. Jenny, try a brisk walk down the road rather than run--your knees will thank you and you will not sabotage yourself for future exercising.
    Have a Happy and Healthful Thanksgiving.