Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nuts and Dolts

WARNING:  This post actually has nothing to do with nuts and bolts.  In fact, all I know about nuts and bolts is that they are used in construction and we also use that term to mean ----------

Well, what do we use that term to mean?  Not the trivial minutia of life---

Whoa, I looked it up.  Nuts and bolts means the practical part of life.  So this post IS about the nuts and bolts of my weight loss journey. 

But, I like to call it nuts and dolts because, being a social worker and working with nuts ---  and dolts -------  it seems more PRACTICAL.


Plus, I fit into that category.  

I want to talk about weigh-in day.  It's tomorrow.   

Of course, I weigh every day but now that I've started Weight Watchers, only Wednesday's weight counts (in my little dolty head).  

I still feel put out with myself for the copious amount of calories and Weight Watcher points I used on Sunday.  I don' think I have lost much this week.

But here's what I'm going to focus on:
1.  I'm sure I didn't gain this week.   And, for that, I am so grateful because I really was on my way back UP before I decided to try Weight Watchers again.
2.  The cool thing about Wednesdays is that it is a new start.  A brand new page with a full week's worth of points and all sorts of little places to make check marks and fill in the boxes.
3.  Wednesdays offer lots of new opportunities - the opportunity to stay on program, the opportunity to commit to drinking all my water every day, the opportunity to be able to log that I exercised, the opportunity to join online challenges.  It's like opening a new box of Valentine candy and having all those different chocolates to choose from.

Shiii-attt!  Why did I go to THAT visualization?????  I don't even like Valentine's Day or Valentine candy (though I must admit, I will eat it).  

But.... you know what I mean.... Wednesdays are like opening a brand new book, starting a new journal.....  It's a new beginning.

And beginning tomorrow, here's my goals for the week:
1.  I've been wearing my pedometer and walking at least 5,000 steps a day.  I'm increasing that to 7,500 beginning tomorrow.  
2.  I don't have a DVD player or a VCR anymore so I've asked for one on Freecycle.  If I can get one, I want to do an exercise tape JUST TWO times during the next week.   
3.  Next Tuesday I'm going to a cabin in the woods outside of Chama for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I want to walk on the dirt roads while I'm there.  

And my major goal is:  I want to LOSE one pound over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I'm just planning to leave it out there in the woods to be eaten by the deer and the bears.  

Well, that's all my nuts and dolts tonight!


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