Monday, November 12, 2012


It's the morning after. 

I was doing so good staying on my Weight Watchers program.  Yesterday, I weighed 211. 

Last night, I had some friends over for a "leftovers" party.  People just bring whatever they have in their frig.  It's my kind of party because I don't have to cook. 

We ended up with salmon, chicken, black beans and rice, french bread, and grapes.  I didn't eat any of the french bread.

Sounds pretty healthy, right?

Well, last night it wasn't a case of what I ate, but of how much I ate. 

I ate..........................  lots. 

And the wine.  Totally empty (but fun) calories. 

Today, I made myself add up the Weight Watchers points for yesterday.  The way I figure it, it was a 70 POINT DAY

I'm allotted 27 per day.   That's two and a half days of points!

It was all my daily points (27) and most of my weekly points (48). 

It was a 3 pound gain.

Today, I weigh 214. 


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  1. Jenn!!

    Seriously, don't worry about it - you ate the points that you are allocated for the week, and if you drink a lot of water, and do some exercise then that's all good, and you'll find the immediate weight increase will go down.

    The important thing here is taht you MADE YOURSELF be accountable for everything you ate.

    Aside from the wine - the food was not 'fatty' it was not fried, covered in butter / sugar or salt, it was moderately healthy food - and that's a great plus. Well done for staying off the bread.

    My weigh in is Thursday, I've 2 pounds to get to goal - I really want to get there this week, or maybe next... we'll see!