Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wanna See My Panties????? (For reals. I'm not shy, you know.)

I bought a pair of purple jeans when I was visiting Artesia with Donna.  I've never had purple jeans.  I told Donna that they fit because she is used to getting all the clothes that are too little for me.   And I was feeling a little bit quite selfish.  MY jeans!  Like a two-year-old.  (And this was the same weekend that Donna let me have a really soft sweater that she had brought to wear because she felt it was too "pilly" for her to wear to work.)

She was generous.  I was two.  MY JEANS!  IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THEY DON'T FIT!  THEY ARE PURPLE AND THEY ARE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now they are hanging in a place of honor on the outside of my closet door so I can see them anytime I'm in my bedroom.  Every few days I try them on.

I have a ways to go.

But, if I grit my teeth, squint my eyes, stick out my tongue, and pull both sides of the waistband towards my middle with all the hand and arm strength I have ------- I can get the button about an inch and a half away from the buttonhole.  But I can't take a picture doing that.

And you know me.  I have to take a picture. 

So ....... what do you think?        Christmas?  No, probably not.                Spring break?  Maybe, if I'm willing to give up breathing.             Summer?  Yeah.  Maybe summer. 


Not unless I find out they're too itchy - once I'm able to get them on. 



  1. Clever Jen. Most people hang a bikini on the door as inspiration and we all know we are way too old for bikini's. So if it works let me know and I'll go buy something I love that doesn't fit and see if it will inspire me to stop eating.

  2. I did the same with a pair of jeans. I left them hanging on the bed in the spare room and tried them on every week. I now do the same with a little teeeeeny weeeeny black dress that I am trying to squeeze into! It zips, it just is glued to my ass.

    I think you need to aim closer than summer - go for St. Patrick's day.

    You are going to have to just track, account for what you're eating and do some exercise - all things that are good for you any way!

    Good luck!