Saturday, December 22, 2012


That's how many pounds I've gained in the last eleven days.  

A pound a day.

Oh my God!  That means I would weigh 569 pounds of I kept this up for a whole year!!

Thank God I have a little bit of sense.   And a pinch a self-control.  (I wanted to use the word smiggin    but I don't know how to spell it.)

Blogging last night helped.  And weighing this morning helped. I've made much better choices today.  For one thing, I didn't stuff  97 butterscotch candies in my mouth during this afternoon's play rehearsal like I have been recently.

I feel a little bit more in control.

And I think it's hilarious that I've gained 11 pounds in 11 days because 11 is a number that I associate with Doak.  I've always said that, being with him, was like being an 11-year-old again.

Doak would find humor in that symbolism.

Loving you even at 215,


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  2. Good message, Jenny. Doak would love it. (And, by the way, it's "smidgen") Love you!

  3. Welcome to being human. I find myself at my heaviest so I can relate. This too shall pass... :-)I have been outta the loop for awhile and look forward to reading your blog more I am trying to get back on track.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...