Thursday, January 31, 2013

For Dinner I Had Two Hotdogs And A Bowl Of Sadness

Been eating my feelings again..............
And again..........

For a week now I've been blue about my friend Jen and my pretend grandbabies, Ady and Avery, moving away.  We had a little goodbye party for Jen last weekend.  I pretended that I was going to see her a lot more before she goes.  But I'm not.  Today, she called to let me know that the girls are leaving tomorrow - to go to Jen's mom's house - so Jen can focus on packing for the last few days. 

I made plans to see the girls tonight after taking the dogs to the vet and going to the grocery store.  At the grocery store, I bought all sorts of fresh veggies and fruits so I could start using my new Nutribullet.  While shopping, I thought about all the evenings during the last year that I've eaten dinner with Jen, Kris, and the girls.  I thought about sharing all my makeup with Ady.  I thought about holding Avery when she was just days old.  I thought about feeding her a bottle.  I thought about being with her the first time she ate watermelon.  I thought about many meals sharing a tv tray with Ady and hearing all the latest Ady stories.  I thought about a year ago this Super Bowl weekend when I ate (and drank) at Jen's house while Ady unknowingly bought a (real) hundred dollars worth of (imaginary) coins to buy (imaginary) supplies for the (imaginary) puppy on my new iphone. 

On the way back from the grocery store I went to Sonic to get a diet strawberry limeade.

I ended up eating my feelings.  And it was ugly.  REALLY ugly.

I ordered two hotdogs - one "Chicago style", one chili-cheese dog, and a large order of tater tots.

And here's the stupid, crazy, overeating maniac thing I did:

Because of my embarrassment and shame about ordering two hotdogs, I ordered


so it would look like the food order was for more than one person.

That's sick.

It would be funny if I wasn't feeling so sad.
Well, it's funny anyway.

I am going to miss my pretend grandbabies sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

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  1. I understand so much Jen. My great-grandson got moved off to Tulsa a little over a year ago and I have been missing him terribly lately. But I going to get to see him tomorrow and the next day. Jamie is going to meet me in Witchita Falls. So just look forward to the visits and stay in touch via e-mails and texts. Just make them promise to send LOTS of pictures. My heart and stomach understands I ate a HUGE helping of peach cobbler tonight. Just love your animal babies.