Monday, June 3, 2013

I Ate The Whole Thing....

..... and I'm HAPPY!

I was really hungry today.  So while I was at the pool, I ate a whole cantaloupe.  200 calories.  That's all.

Then at supper, I ate a whole spaghetti squash.  165 calories.  For the whole thing.

Who knew I could get full on so few calories!  Of course, I had Ragu sauce on the spaghetti squash - but it was still so much better than the mountain of spaghetti that I would normally eat.

And I LIKED it.  I'd never had spaghetti squash in place of pasta but I think I can do that from now on!  The thing I like about spaghetti is the Ragu sauce.  And no, I never make my own.  

And of course I like Ragu.  It's ketchupy!

Now, I don't want to eat the way I ate today.  Skinny eaters don't eat a WHOLE cantaloupe.  They eat a couple of slices.  Skinny eaters don't eat a WHOLE spaghetti squash.  They eat a cupful.

Massive quantities is my boogey man.  Portion control is like a foreign language.

But tonight the language I'm trying to learn is self-forgiveness.  I'll work on portion control tomorrow.


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  1. The difference between spaghetti squash and actual spaghetti in terms of carbs is just amazing! Portion control is a big problem for me too.