Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nearly June 2nd

And I made it through June 1st.

Even with going to a restaurant.

A lesson learned......
I ate with friends at a restaurant that has lots of things I love - chicken fried steak, green chili scalloped potatoes, meatloaf, Texas chili.... and I ordered a turkey burger and a salad.   Then I filled my Bubba cup with iced coffee and went to the pool.

Do you know what a Bubba cup is?
Here's one.
They are big honkers.  Drinking one full of iced coffee on a hot afternoon at the swimming pool on the day that you start a diet is not smart.

After we left the pool, Nina and I went to the grocery store and I was soooooooo hungry that I was shaking like a leaf due to low blood sugar.  I ended up taking a granola bar out of a box in our cart and going to the car to eat it while Nina did the rest of the shopping.

I don't think that I was really so hungry but it was the combination of less food, lots of caffeine, hot sun, and swimming exercise that got me all out of whack.

Bubba cups should be filled with water.  Not coffee.

Tomorrow is the Cowboy Breakfast at the Posse Shack and then a evening church picnic.

I can do that.

One day Skinnier Jennifer

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