Monday, June 3, 2013

Weight Loss Things From Pinterest

If you search "weight loss" on Pinterest, you will mainly find pictures of really scrawny women and people that are so muscular that they look deformed.  

But you also find these items:

I can feel a Hobby Lobby trip coming on.  I'm going to do this.  Jen Tuggle did it and  ----   Jen?  Did it help??   (I think I know the answer but it's worth a try.)

Now, I want to believe this one.  But I don't buy the curvy part.  Maybe at one point in my life, I was curvy.  But now it's just flabby.  And somehow "Flabby Goddess" just doesn't have the same ring to it.  Ya know?  But I am excited about exploring this website.

I need to remember these Ten Commandments.  Especially #3!

This is how I've exercised today.  I flew off the handle at Nina.   I dodged the responsibility of feeding the animals, knowing that Nina would do it if I didn't.  That was worth NEGATIVE 300 calories - because I would have used some calories if I had gotten up to do it.  I've jumped to conclusions with Tyler.  I've carried my frustration at Nina too far.  And have you ever noticed how HEAVY frustration is??  So that was lots of calories.    And I don't want to admit this but I know it on a heart level:  Every day that I choose not to take care of myself by what I put in my body and how I use my body, I'm pushing my luck.  

I LOVE this.  It's why I've decided tonight to focus on self-forgiveness rather than portion control.  Lovelovelove it.

I like this one and seriously may do something like this (but kinder) on my frig.  The problem is that my frig is not where I go to overeat.  It's out in the car.  

This one I identify with.  Just wish I looked like her from the hair on down.


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