Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Successful Week! KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!

This week, I've been given some gifts.

I've been given the gift of motivation...
I've been given the gift of balance...
I've been given the gift of delayed gratification..
I've been given the gift of thought before action...
I've been given the gift of energy...
I've been given the gift of perseverance.

And all these things are definitely GIFTS - because they are not attributes that I'm able to conjure up by myself.

In the last seven days, I've lost 6 pounds.

I could have lost more.  I could have starved myself.  I could have exercised like crazy.
But we know that stuff doesn't work for me.

I'm happy with 6 pounds gone.  That's 24 pounds of pressure off my knee!

Here's how I've done on my little individualized program:

1.  No sweets.
SUCCESS!!  I've been able to stay away from all desserts, candy, ice cream, etc.  Even with a bowl of chocolate kisses in my office!!!

2.  Ketchup only on weekends.
You're not going to believe it but... SUCCESS!!!!!
I'm so proud......

3.  No fried food.

4.  No white bread.

5.  Only one soda a day.
Mostly successful.  I think I probably had more than one on the weekend.  But I've been forcing myself to drink more water - so I've had many days without any sodas.

6.  One big Bubba cup of water a day.
Well, I've been all over the place with this one.  I've had some days of no water.  I've had some days of exceeding the amount of one Bubba cup.  Barb showed me a water calculator that told me that I need to drink a little over FOUR LITERS of water a day!  Do you realize how much that is?  So now at work, I have a big 2-liter coke bottle full of water and a pitcher of water.  I've not been able to drink 4 liters but I'm getting in more than two on some days.  Today I made a pitcher of water with thin apple slices and a cinnamon stick in it.  It made it much more interesting to drink.  I've already made my pitcher of water for tomorrow - lemon and grounded ginger.

7.  Walk around my block every day.
Hmmm.  I've only done this once - on the day I wrote my plan.  Need to work on this.  However, today was the first day of students being back to school.  I walked all over our middle school campus.  My pedometer says I've walked 3.37 miles today.  I'd really like to keep that up.

8.  Wear pedometer every day.
SUCCESS!  I love my new Fitbit.  I wear it even when I lay around all day and only walk 1,000 steps.

9.  Sit on the floor every day.
Nope.  Only once.

10.  Blog at least one time each week.
SUCCESS - if you can consider this a blog rather than just a list of mundane things.

I'm going to go sit on the floor now.  If you don't see me on Facebook, it might mean that I got stuck down there....

Love you.