Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jenny Craig Is My Friend

I have a young friend named Elissa.   A couple of years ago when she was about five or six, she sang a song to a mutual adult friend of ours.  She sang...
"Donna Schaferrrrr is our friennnnnnnddddddddddd, Donna Schaferrrr is our friennnnnnddddddddddd..."

This morning, her tune has been going through my head with the words changed to "Jenny Craigggg is my friennnnnddddddddddddd,  Jenny Craiggg is my friennnnnddddddddddd..."

And here's why.

This morning I weighed 228.  That's down from 233.5 last Wednesday.  Of course, the colonoscopy helped but I think it's really because I've embraced my friend,  Jenny Craig.

I thought I was going to take a two day break from her.  But this morning, I ate the first Jenny Craig product that I didn't like.  Cheddar Cheese Omelet.   Something I love in real life but something that Jenny C just really doesn't know how to make.

She uses really yucky cheese.

But, I'm not mad at her.  And I'm happy with me.

Thanks to her.

And now I'm gonna go decorate my Christmas tree.

Jenny B.

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