Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Me and Jenny C

Let me make the introductions.....

Jenny, I'd like you to meet my blog friends. 

Blog friends, I'd like you to meet my friend, Jenny Craig.

I don't know who that man is with Jenny but I want him.  Does he come with the diet?  He was not in the bag of food I picked up last night.

But, I did pick up my first bag (this time) of Jenny Craig food.

I have to qualify that statement with "this time" because, as you know, this is not the first time I've hung out with Jenny.  I first met her 20 years ago, when Donna and I joined during the spring before my 40th birthday.  Both us Jennys looked much younger then.  (Or are we plural Jennies?)

I also learned last night that, the last time I hung out with Jenny, I actually weighed 256.5 pounds!!!!!!!

So...... ........ things could be worse.

This morning, I weighed 233.5.
29 pounds MORE than what I got down to last year.
also, 11 pounds LESS that what I got up to last year.

I can choose which one of those to focus on.....  Right now, I choose to focus the fact that I could of weighed more.  Lots more.

This morning for breakfast, I had Ranchero Breakfast Skillet - a nice frozen microwavable meal of potatoes covered with eggs, cheese, onions, and peppers.  It was really good.

Here's lunch....  I realize the presentation is somewhat lacking, but I AM an overeater.

Presentation smezsentation.

And, yes, I will eat the green beans out of the can with Tabasco Sauce poured on them.

And guess what hanging out with Jenny has made me want to do??  She and I are going to go to Curves together this afternoon after work!!  Just for a little bit.  She wants to go longer but I told her that, today, I gotta go slow. 'Cause it's been a looooonnnnnnnnggggg time.

It's great to have a friend who supports you and makes healthy food for you and has your SAME NAME!  Even if she's invisible!!!

Jenny B

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  1. I'm glad you are going to Curves -- I have been going for the past 1.5 years (468 times as of today) and I have seen the combination of diet and exercise (plus determination and mind over matter) for dozens of people -- especially with the new Curves Complete program where you meet with a coach.

    Also, another thing that helps me keep active is a walking partner -- she found me walking the mall by myself and asked if we could be partners. We currently walk at the mall three times a week for an hour and are looking forward to walking the trails around town next spring.

    That's all the advice for now, except -- drink lots and lots of water, go cold-turkey on all diet drinks NOW. Repeat this -- YES I CAN! -- anytime you are tempted. Love you, Mary Nelle