Monday, November 25, 2013


Well, not really..........
But she has gone out of my life until after the new year.

I just can't afford Jenny Craig and Christmas at the same time.

The food is pretty expensive.  That may be why it works.   One should be able to do the exact same thing (and lose the same amount of weight) with Lean Cuisine as with Jenny Craig.  But where as an average Lean Cuisine meal is approximately $3; an average Jenny Craig meal is approximately $5.

I think that added cost may be why I can stick to a plan of Jenny Craig meals better than I can stick to a plan of Lean Cuisine meals.

In my 'old' life - meaning married - I could afford to be on Jenny Craig through the holiday season.  But, looking at my finances this year, I realized that Jenny Craig would seriously impact the amount I have to spend on presents and on going to Texas after Christmas.

The people I love - and that I give to - probably wouldn't even notice the difference.  But I would.

So, I'm just going to try to stay conscious, vigilant, EMOTIONALLY AWAKE by blogging.

We'll see.  I'm not feeling too sure of myself.  Or competent.  Or motivated.  Or capable.

But I will keep trying.


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