Friday, November 8, 2013


Today is my third day of hanging out with Jenny Craig.

Day 1 - I stayed on plan.

Day 2 - I prepped for a colonoscopy so was off plan.  No food, but lots of surgary drinks - 2 Gatorades, 2 glasses of Tang, a Ginger Ale, and a gallon of that horrible bowel prep that I'm sure has sugar in it.

Day 3 - I weighed 229.5!  However, I'm sure that's because there was nothing in my system.

Here's there the pride comes in:  I have to have a colonoscopy every three years because of polyps. After my last one was over, I immediately went to a Mexican restaurant and pigged out - cheese enchiladas with an egg, beans, posole, guacamole and chips, sopapillas, ketchup, honey........

This time, I felt a great need to celebrate because, for the very first time,  I didn't have any polyps and don't have to have another colonoscopy for FIVE years!

I wanted to go out to eat.
I wanted to go out to eat JennyBranchNeil style.
You know, no holes barred.
Mexican food, Dairy Queen pumpkin pie blizzard, BBQ sandwich and fries, chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes - all the things I thought about last night when I wasn't thinking about barfing.

But...... I chose to come home and hang out with Jenny C.  I had Jenny C tuna salad on reduced calorie bread, salad, and Jenny C chips.

And now, I have.....