Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WEEK 1 WITH JENNY CRAIG (and a little help from a colonoscopy)

Tomorrow, I go see my Jenny Craig consultant again.  (Who happens to be a little tiny teeny bopper who has probably never weighed more than 105 and thinks that I'm older than her great grandmother.  But that doesn't bother me.  Really.                                  REALLY. )

I feel like this week has been successful.  I've figured out which Jenny Craig foods I like, which ones work with my lifestyle, and - since I'm only doing it five days a week - I haven't gotten tired of it.  Yet.

Here's my favorites:
1.  Breakfast Scramble - eggs, cheese, potatoes, peppers.....yum..
2.  Cheesy Potatoes and Chicken - oh my, it's like one of those bowls from Kentucky Fried Chicken.  And just as good! (nearly)
3.  Tuna Salad
4.  Chicken Salad - I make both the tuna and the chicken salads into sandwiches with low calorie bread and low cal cheese.  These work into my lifestyle best - for lunch.  The salads actually come with crackers and applesauce but that feels too much like DIETING to me.  I want sandwiches.  I NEED sandwiches for my emotional wellbeing.
5.  Chicken Fajitas - my favorite because it's MEXICAN FOOD!
6.  White Cheddar Popcorn - tastes JUST LIKE Smart Food.  Do you know Smart Food?  Amazing, addictive cheesy popcorn.  I've been known to eat the whole big bag.  Luckily, the Jenny Craig version only comes in a small bag.

Other stuff is good but those are my favorites.

This week, I'm going to try some new stuff.  I'm going to try Florentine Breakfast Pizza,  Sunshine Sandwich, Stuffed Shells, Beef and Barley Soup, Roasted Turkey Medallions, Fish and Chips, and Salisbury Steak.

Yesterday, B and I finished cleaning out Dianne's storage locker and shopped.  We ate out twice.  Both times, I did OK.  Even though I wasn't "with" Jenny C, she was still on my mind.  At lunch, we ate at Chili's and I had the lighter version of salmon with rice and veggies.  And for dinner, we went to Subway.

My scales say that, since hanging with Jenny C, I've gone from 233.5 to 228.

(With a little help from my other friend, Dr. Rowberry, but WE WILL NOT COUNT ON HIM FOR REGULAR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Jenny B.

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