Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Successful Day .......... with a little help with my friends....

Today, I won the fight with food.

But I wouldn't have without the help of friends, planning, and a tiny smiggen of my own will power.

Marcie did fill my plate at the potluck.  Luckily, I was busy with IEP's and the School Store and didn't even have a chance to walk into the teachers' lounge.  Marcie left me a plate on my desk and it was the perfect plate of food for someone who is trying to eat healthy.  She did a great job!

But..... I was very aware that Marcie's plate for me was much different than if I had filled it myself.
She gave me a dollop of hummus, some quinoa salad, fruit salad, a dollop of chicken salad, and some veggies.  She also brought me a bowl of Rita's turkey/green chili/quinoa soup.

Here's the difference I noticed:
1.  I don't think I do dollops.  And you know what?  When you have a bunch of different things on your plate, a dollop of each thing is enough!  I think, even at a potluck with many different things on my plate, I do servings.  And to me, a serving is like a cup or more.

Marcie's plate was beautiful.  I wish I had taken a picture.  This is the first time that I have had potluck without piling food on top of food.  Does anyone else to that?  When I eat at a potluck, not only do I have to work my way eating around the plate, I have to work through the different layers.

Architecturally (as though I know squat about that), my plate filled by Marcia was a one-story house.  When I fill my plate at a potluck, it is an five-story office building.

Very different.

2.  Eating the bowl of soup that Marcie brought me, I was aware that when I put soup in a bowl (or cereal or ice cream or anything else one uses a bowl for), I have to walk very carefully in order not to spill.  I fill to the rim.  Luckily, I have all those years under my belt where my mother made me walk around with a book on top of my head to learn to walk smoothly.  Otherwise, I wouldn't be so good at pigging out on foods inside of bowls!

I was aware that I fill bowls like I used to fill red wine glasses.  It was late in my drinking career that someone told me that they were only supposed to be filled to a third full.
I still don't understand that.  Why? Why? Why?????

Lunch was a great success.

But I still had Bunco ........ otherwise known as spend-two-and-a-half-hours-with-your-hand-in-constant-motion-between-your-mouth-and-a-food-source.

Luckily, I went to Tara's for dinner first.  She made an amazing stir fry chicken recipe and homemade cinnamon raisin bread (only one piece, I promise).

So I was able to spend the evening playing Bunco and I only ate grape tomatoes and a Diet Coke!

And the best part........ I WON the most Buncos and the prize is a body wrap!  I've heard about these body wraps but haven't ever tried one.  I'm excited!

Uhh, can you read that backwards?  

I'm going to bed feeling like I've had a successful day................ with a little a lot of help from my friends.  


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