Monday, July 28, 2014

Gonna Try To Stop Putting So Many Chemicals In My Bod...

I've been reading about aspartame and other artificial sweeteners.  You can find research that says artificial sweeteners are HORRIBLE  and must be stopped.  But you can also find research that says, though they may bother some people, artificial sweeteners aren't bad in general.

Because I know not to set myself up for failure by saying 'I AM NEVER GOING TO DRINK DIET COKE AGAIN!' or 'I'M NEVER GOING TO USE ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS AGAIN!', I'm just going to try to cut down.

Or even better, I'm just going to try to be vigilant and conscious of the artificial sweeteners that I use.

Isn't vigilance and consciousness what I'm trying to develop in general?

This is what I know:
I've used artificial sweeteners for as far back as I can remember.  My grandma used those tiny little saccharin tablets.

Look familiar to anyone?

I have a confession to make.  I present that I grew up on sweet tea like any 'bless your heart' Southern girl should, but I really grew up with iced tea - each glass sweetened with three of these little pills.  I LOVED them!
They were just so cute and I loved to put them in my tea and stir and stir until you couldn't see them anymore.

And also because of my grandma (who was so cool because she had all this unusual diet stuff), the first cokes (sodas) I remember were Tab and Fresca.  And I just transferred my love for coke (I mean soda) from those to Diet Coke when I got older.  

And I wasn't even overweight back then!

Now, I'm aware that I go days and days only drinking stuff with artificial sweeteners.  Tea, coffee, Diet Coke, and Crystal Light (which is as close as I usually get to water) are my favorites.  I also use artificial sweeteners on cereal, frozen fruit, refrigerator oatmeal, NutriBullet smoothies, and many other things.

I'm not a sugar substitute snob.  I'll use any that are convenient but my preferences are....

(Those of you who use artificial sweeteners will know what I'm talking about.)

I have no idea which is the best and which is the worse for you.

The funny thing is that I would NEVER think of ordering a regular coke or putting regular sugar in my tea.  But, most of the other foods that I stuff in my mouth are full of REAL sugar - including my well-loved, copious amounts of ketchup.

I'm a sugar/sugar substitute hypocrite.

So....... I'm going to try to be vigilant.  Conscious.  For the last two days, I've been drinking sun tea with blueberries or mangos in it.  It sweetens it somewhat.  I'm also trying to drink water.  I just got back from two weeks in Texas and I don't remember drinking any plain water the whole time I was gone - except maybe the stuff I swallowed in the Comal River.

I haven't had a diet coke in the last two days but I. am. not. going. to. give. them. up.

If I say I'm going to give up diet coke, I'll immediately be pulling out my hair until I get some.

But I'd like to see if I could make it a treat.

And you know the cool thing?  Tonight, I was eating a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner with mashed potatoes - and I noticed that they tasted sweet!  I had never noticed - I assume because my tastebuds are usually overloaded with the sweetness of pretend sugar.

And now for a survey.....
What's your favorite?  Pink    or     Blue     or     Yellow??


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  1. Something that has worked for me: absolutely do not cut out Diet Cokes & pink/yellow/blue sweetened tea. But after each one, and before the next one, drink the equivalent volume of water. You'll be fully hydrated and satisfied.