Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Treated Myself Tonight.....

...... and now I need to get back on the proverbial horse.

I've lost five and a half pounds since the last time I blogged.

* I've tried to be conscious about what I eat.
* I've tried to pay at least minimal attention to portions (my downfall).
* I've not had any intentional artificial sweeteners - no diet cokes, no pink/yellow/blue things.
* I've learned to drink my iced tea unsweetened and my coffee with sweetened creamer only (not
  sweetened creamer AND artificial sweetener).
* I've mainly had water to drink with some iced tea and some coffee and a couple of pretend beers.
* I've not had any desserts.
* I've walked a tiny bit more - mainly because I've had to because of road construction.


Which is good ----------- because those are the kind of set-ups that I always fail at.

I found an iphone app that I like called Happy Scale.  It's made for people like me who have the compulsion to weigh every day.  It focuses on trends, rather than gains and losses.
In the picture below, the little dots show how my weight goes up and down nearly every day.  It's easy for me to focus on the gains, get depressed, blow it all off and eat.
The line shows the trend rather than the jerky ups and downs that daily weighing shows.  It's very helpful to look at it this way.

Tonight we went to the rodeo barbeque and had smoked prime rib, smoked salmon, baked potatoes, "cowboy beans" (red beans with hamburger meat - somewhat sweet), and peach cobbler.  I had a huge piece of prime rib and a huge piece of salmon, along with a unbuttered potato and the beans.

I would have been fine (emotionally) with that - even though it was a lot of calories.  However, I also ate the peach cobbler.  It was actually a small serving but I feel somewhat frustrated with myself for eating it.

It wasn't even that good.  And sweets are something that I don't HAVE to have.

So, I'm a tiny bit bummed.
But I need to focus on looking at tonight as a TREAT - not a mistake.  And I need to get back on track tomorrow.


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