Monday, June 1, 2015

Everyone Complains About Plateaus but................

Day 3 of Reining It In.  ("It" being Little Jenny).

This morning I was back to 201.5 - a weight that I've considered a "plateau" since the end of April.

Never again will I pooh-pooh a plateau.  My weight never stops moving.  I gain easily, I lose pretty easily.  (Except if I lost weight really easily, I wouldn't be fat.)   When I am at a plateau, it's just a resting point for my body to get used to it's new weight.  But I'm going to go either up.  Or down.

I think I get bored/depressed/irritated when my weight has plateaued and that makes me less motivated to continue to make good choices.  And when a period of being less motivated comes at a time of high stress - Little Jenny comes out and whines "I'm BOREDDDDDDDDDD! This is toooooooo HARDDDDDDD!  Let's just shake this all up!" And I get off my plateau - in a way that I don't want to.

So today, I am grateful for 201.5.
It's not 199.
It's sure not 175.
But it's not 246.
And it's not even 207 like it was this weekend.

201.5 is good for today.


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