Saturday, April 9, 2016

Back in the Proverbial Saddle

I crashed.  I whined.  You supported.  You chastised.  I rolled my eyes.  You rolled your eyes.
Whatever.  It worked.
Now the adult me is in charge of the little rebellious, unrestrained, unreined me.

I'm trying to focus on three ideas:

1.  One is a statement that Mary Beth Stevens' friend put on his Facebook page a long time ago and I stole.  He said "I am the only person who puts food in my mouth."  I really like that because I frequently find myself looking for someone else to blame.  If I have to take responsibility -- well, maybe I'll rethink it.

2.  Another thing that I'm trying to focus on showed up on Facebook this week.  It's this:

I like that.  I'm trying to burn it into my brain.

3.  And the third thing I'm trying to think about and focus on is a children's book that I use in therapy.  It's written for young elementary students but I recently read it to some middle schoolers.  It's called Don't Feed The Monster On Tuesday and it's about self esteem.
It talks about how everyone has a little tiny monster on the inside - pretty much the same thing as when I talk about Little Jenny.  We feed the monster by what we say to ourselves - and by what we allow other people to say to us or how we let them make us feel.  As the monster grows, it gets more and more hungry and we feed it by telling ourselves more and more horrible things about ourselves.

It's a dance I've done all my life.  And, in my case, I feed the monster REAL FOOD!

So, I've been telling myself "don't feed the monster".

Anyway, I'm better.  And in control.

Love you,

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