Wednesday, July 12, 2017

30 Day Challenge (and hamburger meat)

I've been doing this since last Friday.  It was easy to do while I was at the Denver conference because eating is normally a social thing I do and I wasn't being social.  The only time blanched at this diet during the conference was the day they served box lunches and mine was a bag of potato chips, a chocolate chip cookie, and a sandwich made of white bread, one piece of lettuce, one piece of cheddar cheese, and a lot of very pink, slimy roast beef.    Yes, pink is my favorite color but not when it comes to meat.  With meat, my favorite color is very dark brown bordering on black.  I hate pink.

Luckily, that evening was my one social activity and I went to a Mexican restaurant with Minor and John.  It was like the old days of DeColores.  The restaurant served me three bowls of salsa with a spoon that I didn't have to share with anyone and a very good taco salad without the taco shell.

Coming home yesterday, I stopped at B's and my favorite restaurant in Alamosa, Colorado - a great Mexican buffet called Cavillo's.  That's a safe restaurant for me because all I want is beans, salad, salsa, and watermelon.  It's unsafe for B because all she wants is Tres Leches cake.  One time, we spent four days in Alamosa, went to Cavillo's every day, and ate exactly the above.  It's good that she wasn't with me this time.  She can no longer eat sugar.

I also haven't had ketchup since last Thursday.  I read this challenge as essentially meaning 'no sugar' and I'm trying to change how I see ketchup.  I want to try looking at it as less of a necessity and more of a sugar.

And I haven't weighed since Friday morning.  Normally I weigh every day because I think that helps me watch my diet.  Hellllllooo, that may have helped in the past but it sure hasn't helped during the last few months.  It been like, "Good Morning Self!  Let's start our day off with a bit of Self-Loathing and Depression....    Now have a GREAT DAY!!!!"

I'll weigh on August 7th.

To change the subject - while sticking to food......  See this picture?

B is making chili today.  It looks like dogs or mice got to this meat before we did, right?  But actually, what ate the meat, styrofoam, plastic wrap - and plastic grocery bag that it was all in - was my ice maker.  My freezer was full so B laid the newly bought bag of hamburger meat on top of the ice in the ice maker.  We didn't realize what had happened until Barb came to get ice and found it mixed with raw hamburger meat.  In fact, Lissa had filled her cup from the ice dispenser in the refrigerator door and didn't notice, until later, that she was drinking water with little pieces of hamburger meat and styrofoam floating around in it.

It was one of those pee dripping down my legs moments for B, Barb, and me when Barb found it.  The funniest thing was the Smith's grocery bag.  It had been chewed up by the ice maker and was now a extremely long, two-inch wide strip of plastic wrapped around and around the ice maker turner-thingy.  I wanted to take a picture of it after I untangled it from the ice maker but B wouldn't let me.

I hope that some of you will do this challenge with me.


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